3rd International Conference on “Oriental Studies, Firdowsi as depicted in Persian Culture and Literature

International conference on Ferdowsi  as depicted in Persian Culture & Literature

🔴3rd International Conference on Oriental Studies,  Ferdowsi  as depicted in Persian Culture & Literature



Department of Delhi university , Imam Khomeini International university of Qazvin, Association for Persian culture and literature, Mobin cultural institute

🔹Scientific secretary of Conference: Prof. Dr. Aleem Ashraf Khan, Head of the department of Persian language, Delhi State University


🔺Conference topics

1️⃣ Thoughts, environment and idea of Ferdowsi

Survey the worldview of national, political, social and cultural Ferdowsi

Environment and conditions governing thought of Ferdowsi

Investigating the hidden of Ferdowsi s life

Geography, culture and race in Ferdowsi s Shahnameh


2️⃣Structure and content of the Shahnameh

Investigating the Effect of Shahnameh on the National, Political, Social, and Cultural Perspective of Persian Speakers

Shahnameh in the works and ideas of non-Persian speakers

Versions, corrections, descriptions and translations of Shahnameh

Interpretations, interpretations, allegories and verses of Shahnameh

Comparative Comparison of Shahnameh with Other World Literary Works


3️⃣Dimensions of the impact of Shahnameh on the world

Written and Oral History of Iran, Relatives and Nations in Shahnameh

The impact of Shahnameh on the thought and community of different ethnic groups of the Persian language

Ferdowsi s Place and Shahnameh s Effect in Persian Literature

Shahnameh and the growth of national saga in the world


4️⃣Social Concepts and Human position in Shahnameh

Women s position in Ferdowsi s Shahnameh

Mythology and Reality in Shahnameh

Other issues related to Ferdowsi and Shahnameh


✏️ Scientific meeting: Check the differences in the original versions
📝 Symposium: Understanding and Impact of the Shahnameh on Literature of Indian subcontinent


🔺Event Place

Delhi University,New Delhi, India


🔰Start of Registration

31Dec 2017

🔰Start of Paper Submission

4April 2018

🔰Deadline for registration

5May 2018

🔰Deadline for Submission

15May 2018


♻️ Present Date 15May 2018

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The important points , the participants in the conference should be study carefully;

The important points , the participants in the conference should be study carefully;


🔰1- Loading Article

🔸To load paper in conference website   (adabiatfarsi.com) You must first register through the menu, After creating the User Panel, upload the abstract and full article file through the panel

🔰2- Principles of writing a paper, accelerating the arbitration and preventing the rejection or return of the article;

🔻Considering the qualitative policy of the secretariat of the conference regarding the scientific content and the structure of the articles received, and to conduct a thorough review of the articles Please note the following

🔸The relevance of the subject matter to the conferences

🔸Article Fonts: Times new roman (engilish ), B.nazanin (Persian )

🔸The abstract should not be less than 150 and more than 350 words

🔸Observe the principles of writing in articles in accordance with the standards of the conference. To find out the article format, refer to the link below.


🔸Determining the first author and writing the organizational and academic affiliation of the authors of the paper is essential.

🔸For the publication of the booklet, it is necessary to have English abstract

🔸Writing articles and lectures at the conference is possible in both Persian and English languages, but the priority of the lectures at the conference panels will be in terms of time with English-language articles.

🔸 Please note that only articles can be published in international journals that are in English and since this is an international conference, it is recommended that researchers take note of their priority and present their paper in English.

3- 🔰 Matters relating to the Conference

🔸When loading your articles on the site, should choose one of the five conference panels related to the subject of their articles. If the panel does not select the relevant panel or the panel is selected incorrectly, the consequences will be borne by the researcher himself.

🔸The time for each panel is 90 minutes, 60 minutes for participants  speeches and 30 minutes for discussion, question and answer. In each panel there will be a panel chair, two presidential candidates and six speakers present

Enthusiasts and participants who wish to attend the conference without presenting the articleOr despite having accepted the paper are not willing to speak on the conference panel  Or in other fields such as setting up a show and exhibition, holding a specialized workshop, distributing books and brochures,and … Please contact the Secretariat through the website or communication channels.

4- 🔰 Conference Tour

🔸To accommodate participants in the conference, a hotel will be introduced by the  tourist brokerage  independent of the secretariat of the conference. The secretariat of the conference is  Excusable  to hold the special tour of the conference and will only be able to provide an experienced traveler with experience in this field. Obviously, the decision to attend either independently or in conjunction with the tour was the responsibility of the participants themselves And the secretariat will not be responsible for this and will only play a role in introducing the hotel and broker.

🔸You need to get a visa to travel to Bulgaria. The secretariat will issue formal invitations to researchers in person. Regarding the timing of the visa process (at least 1 months), researchers are urged to apply to the Bulgarian Embassy in Tehran or to coordinate with the tourist agencies immediately after accepting the paper, as well as receiving an invitation from the Secretariat and interviewing the Embassy of Bulgaria.

⭕️For any information regarding the conference, contact the Secretariat of Iran at 8am to 16pm.

Phone number




🔹3rd International Conference on Oriental Studies Ferdowsi as depicted in Persian Culture & Literature

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About conference

The 3rd International  Conference on Oriemtal Studies Ferdowsi as depicted in  Persian Culture & Literature  will be held on May 15, 2018 was organized by the Delhi University of India in cooperation with the Imam Khomeini international University of Qazvin, the International Association of Persian Culture and Literature, and the Mobin Institute of Iran

The sientific secretary of the conference is Prof. Dr Aleem Ashraf Khan, Head of department of Persian language of Delhi University.

Researchers can present their paper to the conference either in person or in absentia. Accepted papers will be presented by their authors within two days of the conference

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Until Date Conf

Until End Register

Until End Register

Start of Registration
Start of Paper Submission
Deadline for registration
Deadline for Submission

15 May 2018


India Secretariat :  08285909919

address : 3572, 1st Floor, Jatwara, Kucha Tara Chand, Darya Ganj, New Delhi

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